Trinity's Staff

Matt Dickinson

Sanctuary Choir Director

Celebration Service Coordinator

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Matt and his wife, Angie, joined Trinity soon after marrying in 1996. In January 1997, they began coordinating the Celebration service. Matt is a middle school music teacher at Lower Dauphin and also serves as an assistant artistic director for the Lebanon County Choral Society, having retired from the artistic director position after 10 years. Matt is excited to bring his love of traditional choral conducting to Trinity’s Traditional services as the Sanctuary Choir director.

It is a privilege as a musician and a worshiper to pursue musical excellence in a variety of styles. It reminds us we are all unique creations who respond to God in unique ways. God is expansive, and our worship music is free to explore that breadth.”

Matt and Angie and their children, Annie, Emma and Levi, are very pleased to be at Trinity and are passionate about involving all ages of worshipers in the services.