What to Expect

Walking into Trinity for the first time can be a bit intimidating. We’re a sprawling church spread between two connected buildings, and on Sunday mornings there are lots of people everywhere. But, rather than feeling overwhelmed, our goal is for you to experience a warm, welcoming spirit from the friendly faces and fellowship you encounter.

Each Sunday we have door greeters stationed at the main entrances to welcome you, assist those in need of a hand with getting into the building, and help direct you where you want to go. If we miss you at the door, you can make your way to the large gathering area where Coffee Hour runs between worship services. You may choose to enjoy a cup of coffee or tasty treat or head to the staffed welcome desk located along the stone wall.

If you prefer to come in quietly and make your way to the sanctuary, that’s OK too. There are also wall signs pointing the way to worship. No matter what entrance you use, it’s pretty easy to find. No matter what your style or comfort level, we hope you’ll join us for Sunday worship!