Being a Disciple

 At Trinity we don’t want to “build membership.” Memberships are for country clubs or other facilities and are meant to keep people without a membership out. No, at Trinity we want to invite everyone in to not just worship, but to become a true disciple of Christ. Where being a member implies privilege, being a disciple is about service.

Discipleship is about going into the communities where we live and caring for others – just as Christ did. Our goal at Trinity is to create disciples, not members. We want to help you become filled with the knowledge needed to change the world…how to serve others as Christ himself did.

Through small group studies, attending Sunday worship, and engaging with our community of believers, you are invited to become a part of our community. A great first step is attending our monthly Pizza with the Pastor informal gatherings, typically held the second Sunday of the month. Pastor Jason will chat with you about faith and answer questions you have about being a disciple at Trinity. Call the church office for details at 717-566-0252. Come join us! There’s so much work to be done!