Our Monthly Give

A family needing assistance—often financial—visits a church for help, but does the church know the best way to help? Is this need legitimate? If it is, does helping enable a chronic problem? The questions go on and pastors and church staff might receive multiple requests from the same family, creating a sense of helplessness.

That’s where our February Mission Focus steps in. Through Love INC of Greater Hershey, Trinity partners with local churches to alleviate poverty for our under-resourced neighbors in need. Love INC is the church doing what the church is Biblically called to do…to take care of the poor, to visit orphans and widows in their time of need.

Love INC’s primary mission is to be a resource for local churches, providing a resource hub to minister more effectively to our neighbors. We do this through our Connection Center, Gap Ministries, Transformational Ministries, and connections to 20 different churches and over 60 social service groups.

Our Connection Center is the foundation of Love INC, a center where neighbors call in their needs or where churches or service groups can get help meeting a need. At the center, volunteers do an extensive intake to determine the legitimacy of the need, the extent of the need, and underlying problems.

Gap Ministries provide opportunities for partner churches to engage with neighbors. The Parsonage offers lodging to families whose adult loved ones are patients at Hershey Medical Center. The Personal Care Closet—working with local food banks, including Hummelstown Food Pantry—provides personal care items monthly to over 120 households.

Transformational Ministries assist local churches in forming long-term relationships with neighbors, so they can experience life change. Faith & Finances is the entry point to Transformational Ministries and is a highly relational class that provides an “ally” (mentor/coach) to help participants apply principles learned in the class, so new principles and practices become positive life habits.

Love INC’s newest addition to Transformational Ministries is Homes of Hope Transitional Housing. This program provides temporary single-family housing while participants work toward financial stability and obtaining permanent housing.

Finally, Love INC also offers churches in-depth Mentor Training. This training is for anyone who seeks to help others work through life issues, especially poverty. If you’d like to be part of helping Trinity minister to neighbors in need, be it by providing personal care items, volunteering with the Personal Care Closet, cleaning the parsonage, or mentoring a neighbor, contact Love INC at 717-835-0101, visit their website, or contact Trinity’s onsite representative, Karen Schankweiler, at 717-566-8438.