Our Monthly Give

Someone To Tell It To is a ministry that offers a caring response to private questions of the heart. Someone To Tell It To
accentuates important truths.

To create a caring culture that accompanies others on the path toward meaningful connections.

A world in which everyone matters, everyone is heard, and loneliness is diminished.

We are skilled, educated guides and spiritual companions who…
Listen with intention, bearing one another’s pain with them—compassionately and empathetically; meet people where they are comfortable and safe; offer grace and unconditional love to those we serve; and model compassionate presence, forgiveness and grace to allow others to share in safety.

-Pray with people when they request it, to help connect them to the heart of God and enable discussions on spirituality and the deeper issues of the human condition.
-Enrich the effectiveness, emotional health and skill sets of caregivers in hospitals, churches, non-profits and other organizations.
-Train individuals and groups in compassionate listening and compassionate presence.
-Provide preventative emotional and spiritual care that lessens the need for more acute care.

We all need to know that God loves us and is our “someone to tell it to.” But sometimes we need a compassionate presence and a listening ear to remind us of that. We want to be that “someone to tell it to…”
To sit with the woman who is lonely so that she knows she is not alone.
To allow the man afraid to openly express his fears without judgment.
To acknowledge and share tears with a grieving family when someone they love is gone.
We help people bear emotional and spiritual burdens—we offer safety, we share tears, and we help express fear and thereby release pain.

In short, we bring hope, grace, and healing into the vulnerable seasons of a person’s life and join their journey through life’s most painful
moments. Thank you for your mission support of Someone To Tell It To. Your giving truly brings hope, grace, and healing to the vulnerable seasons of others’ lives. It enables our ministry to recruit, and nurture other compassionate listeners, and to write and produce inspirational, educational and training literature. All of which affords Someone To Tell It To the ability to fulfill its mission and serve more people.

To learn more, visit the Someone To Tell It To website.