Mission Calendar

Trinity targets monthly giving in three categories: local, national, and international ministries. Below is a list of our 2017 missions giving recipients. For ministries whose designated giving months have passed, the total distributed to the mission also appears.


January: Learning Express Nursery School
For more than 20 years, our school has offered valuable preschool education to children from our community. Monies donated help fund scholarships to families in need who wish to send their children to our church preschool but cannot afford to do so.

February: Love INC of Greater Hershey
Our local Love INC exists to mobilize the church to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ.  a collaboration of churches seeking to alleviate poverty for our under-resourced neighbors in need. We believe that everyone’s journey matters and we endeavor to provide a relational and caring environment where adults who are struggling with poverty-related issues can find hope and help as they navigate through life. Visit their website.

March: Sierra Leone Initiative-Pejehun District Partner Church, Africa
Through the United Methodist Church Sierra Leone Initiative, Trinity has partnered with a church in Africa to provide financial support to a “partner church” in the Pejehun District. The monies donated help provide for a salary for the minister and other needs of the church. This is our eighth year of a 10-year commitment.

April: She’s Somebody’s Daughter
This ministry’s goal is to bring to light how sexual exploitation takes place in our communities and what we can do to change the narrative for those who have been impacted. Our mission is to erase the lines of separation that isolate women who have been exploited or sexually abused. For more info, visit the group’s website.

May: Youth Mission Trips 2018 and 2019
Opening hearts and hands of our youth and allowing God to work through them, this month’s giving will aid both the upcoming mission trip to Blue Knob as well as the group’s 2019 mission trip to help rebuild in Texas or Florida. Both states were hit hard in 2016 by natural disasters and TUMY will travel to one of these states to assist with the rebuilding and restoring efforts.

June: Someone to Tell it To
Founded by Pastors Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden, Someone to Tell it To provides a compassionate presence and a listening ear to those who need to share their stories in order to find healing and understanding. Compassion requires an intentional consideration of another’s circumstances, a grace that recognizes our common humanity in all its beauty and brokenness. Visit their website.

July: Operation Christmas Child
Operation Christmas Child distributes shoe boxes filled with gifts, letters, and Bibles to children in need both in the United States and other countries. The money collected will help ship the mailboxes and also go towards the bibles each child receives and supplies for the discipleship program Samaritan’s Purse provides for the children. Learn more at their website.

August: Raising Hope Inc., Ukraine
This will be third year of a 10-year covenant supporting Raising Hope, Inc. This ministry aims to be a source of help to aid families, churches, and children sustain and build lives to further the kingdom of God. Our funding will be used to help secure a bus to transport persons from war-torn areas of Ukraine to areas of safety.

September: Helping Hands Ministry
An outreach ministry in Harrisburg for the homeless, downtrodden, and other needy people. Through hot meals, they reach out to the poor with a love and care that is so often missing, yet desperately wanting in their lives. No one is turned away. Anyone in need of a hot meal or encouragement is welcomed.

October: Bishops Partners in Mission
Bishop’s Partners in Mission is a fund set up by Bishop Jeremiah Park to join with the people and congregations of the Susquehanna Conference in support of missions. All money donated goes to Mission Central and/or Imagine No Malaria. Mission Central helps our churches engage in missions by providing donated resources and materials for mission work, by partnering with churches to respond to disasters, and by providing mission education. Learn more online.

November: UM Home for Children
Located in Mechanicsburg, the UM Home for Children helps children go from a life of neglect and hardship to a life of stability and success. Kids come to Children’s Home for many reasons–usually they are removed by court-order from unsafe homes or dangerous situations. Commonwealth teens reside in a cottage environment supported by caring adults until their families are able to heal and once again care for them. For more info, visit their website.

December: Trinity Good Samaritan’s Fund
This special fund assists in the everyday emergencies that involve members of our congregation or the community of Hummelstown when quick response is needed.

2017 Missions Giving Summary

January: Learning Express Nursery School – $4,979
February: Harrisburg Christian Performing Arts Center – $3,315
March: Sierra Leone Initiative-Pejehun District Partner Church, Africa – $4,772
April: Compassion Malaria Prevention – $6,131.05
May: Someone to Tell it To, Hershey – $4,052
June: Helping Hands Ministry – $4,115.50
July: Raising Hope Inc., Ukraine – $7,850
August: Trinity’s Children & Youth Ministries Programs – $3,949
September: Mission Central, Mechanicsburg – $6,975
October: Operation Christmas Child – $4,976.50
November: Trinity Good Samaritan’s Fund –  $4,422.75
Hummelstown Food Bank – $8,023.50